Authentic Voice Podcast Series

While the Authentic Voice project is rooted in VAWG work we believe that these themes and questions are relevant for anyone seeking to embed lived experience work across all sectors and policy areas. Themes include: health, criminal justice, children, young people & families, education, employability and community learning.

You may hear the term survivor, lived experience and expert by experience to describe those who have first-hand experience of gender-based violence and trauma. The terms professional or expert by profession may be used to describe those who have learned more about the effect of these experiences through their work.  We encourage everyone to choose the language which best suits their experience and viewpoint. We also want to highlight that some people may identify with both expert by experience and expert by profession.

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Episode 6 (Part 2)

In the second part of the Education, Employability & Community Learning episode Shumela, MD of Resilience Learning Partnership speaks to colleague Jenna Murphy and Iain Corbett¬†who is a youth worker and community development practitioner for Children and Young People‚Äôs Centre for Justice (CYCJ).¬† We again discussed what we think some of the challenges of authentically…

Episode 6 (Part 1)

This episode comes in two parts covering the same topic; Education, Employability & Community Learning.¬† In this episode Shumela, MD of Resilience Learning Partnership takes a trip down memory lane and speaks to Shona Barrie, Megan Davies & Toni Rodgers who all work for the Careers and Employability Service within the University of Stirling.¬† We…

Episode 5

We are excited to let you hear the voices of a group of people who work for or have engaged with RLP.¬† We discuss what we think the value of sharing our lived experience is and how it makes us feel.¬† Shumela, MD of Resilience Learning Partnership hosts this amazing conversation between Bernadette, Shereen, Gill…

Episode 4

The latest episode of the Authentic Voice podcast features Gordon Main from Our Hearings, Our Voice, Lisa O‚ÄôLeary & Gary Brown both from the National Leadership Network and Jacqui Dunbar whose background is children’s rights and participation. ¬†The are all joined by our host Shumela Ahmed from Resilience Learning Partnership and in this episode the…

Episode 3

We would like to welcome guests Karyn McCluskey, Chief Executive of Community Justice Scotland and Emma Wilson, Director of Operations Apex Scotland to the third instalment of the Authentic Voice podcast. ¬†They are joined as always by Shumela from Resilience Learning Partnership. ¬†The theme for this episode is criminal justice.  

Episode 2

In the second episode we welcome two guests alongside Shumela Ahmed to discuss the topic of Health.  Jennie Young is the Psychological Therapies Team Lead at NHS Forth Valley and Hazel Somerville is Gender-Based Violence Lead at NHS Forth Valley.

Episode 1

In this first episode the 3 partners of the Authentic Voice project introduce themselves and describe what role each partner will have within the project.